When life offers no options, what can one do to make a living? 

Georgiana and Mona, two young women who arrived in Bucharest with the desire to make something of themselves, end up working in the live sex chat industry. For Mona, this work is rapidly becoming impractical, as her daughter is growing up and shielding the child from her double life becomes increasingly problematic. Despite the fact that the two portraits emphasize very different personalities - with the explicitly candid Georgiana and the more gentle Mona - the two women share an almost sisterly bond, an exception in such a ruthless industry. Granting unprecedented access into their world, the two women allow for an up-close depiction of their lives and work, bringing the viewer into an environment that they would rarely be able to glimpse.

Festivals and Prizes:

               Astra Film International Film Festival - Romania, 2017 - Best Research in a Romanian Documentary Award

                Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival Czech Republic, 2017, Between the Seas Competition

                 Silver Eye Award - Czech Republic, 2017: Best Documentary nominee 2017