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Aurică, a dog's life/ Aurică, viață de câine

A short film, placed between fiction and documentary, that follows Aurică as he just escaped from prison. Living in the middle of a cornfield, he befriends a chained dog and ends up seeking revenge on his abusive owner.

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Everything for Riana 2020 (Totul pentru Riana)

Everything for Riana tells the story of Amalia, a young caring romani mother and her husband Kalo, a slick and charming salesman. Their newborn baby-girl has a life threatening heart disease. Amalia is in Bucharest waiting to take her daughter to Milan for an emergency operation, while Kalo has taken off to Northern Italy in order to make some quick money for the family.

PhoeniXXX (2017)

When life offers no options, what can one do to make a living? Georgiana and Mona, two young women who arrived in Bucharest with the desire to make something of themselves, end up working in the live sex chat industry. For Mona, this work is rapidly becoming impractical, as her daughter is growing up and shielding the child from her double life becomes increasingly problematic. Despite the fact that the two portraits emphasize very different personalities - with the explicitly candid Georgiana and the more gentle Mona - the two women share an almost sisterly bond, an exception in such a ruthless industry. Granting unprecedented access into their world, the two women allow for an up-close depiction of their lives and work, bringing the viewer into an environment that they would rarely be able to glimpse.

Golden Robot (2016)

Steluța Duță, a 32 year old female boxer, has won the European and World cups many times. She was abandoned at birth and lived a life of extreme violence and abuse in Ceaușescu's regime orphanages and on the streets. Her life radically changed when she started boxing at the age of 20, when she was discovered by her coach and adoptive father, Mr. Voicilași.

O luna din viata lor (2016)

O lună din viața lor, a Tudoriței, a Alinei și-a lui Petre, a fost și o lună din viața noastră – sau a ta -, doar că trecută în alte condiții, într-o locuință decentă, care beneficiază de încălzire, pe o stradă care nu e din ghetou, cu un serviciu care nu te trimite la lopată la 5 dimineața. „O lună din viața lor” ne poartă, vreme de mai multe săptămâni, prin destinele acestor oameni. Mergem și în ghetourile din Berceni, alături de personajele noastre echipate în combinezoanele lor verzi. Tudorița și Petre sunt gunoieri. Cum se vede lumea din marginea asta de lume? Vă arătăm în 46 de minute de video ca un pumn în stomac.

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